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Hackathon: Smart Ambulance Service

On the 23-24 May students had the opportunity to hack for smarter ways of directing ambulances. The Hackathon was run in cooperation with SOS Alarm and held at Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park. 

Future Smart Ambulance Service

TUCAP is a development centre with a focus on modern communication technology to support and improve the effectiveness of the Swedish emergency alarm system. Lindholmen Science Park runs and develops the centre together with SOS Alarm and other partners. At this Hackathon TUCAP and SOS Alarm gave university-students the oppurtunity to create smarter ways of directing ambulances. 

The starting point for the Hackathon was a kick-off meeting March 31 where the challenges and rules were presented. Participants were students from different programmes and university-courses, such as Software Engineering, Computer Science-, and Interaction Design.

The Innovation Challenge

The Hackathon took place at Visual Arena during the weekend 23-24 May. Team Kelly and Team Phoenix, worked hard and ultimately presented their solutions to an initiated jury consisting of represents from TUCAP and SOS Alarm. The winning solution was chosen according to the best innovative idea for directing ambulances and best presentation.

The winner was Team Phoenix and among other things they were awarded a visit to Carmenta to present the winning idea and a guided visit to SOS Alarm to see the current directing system. Also the idea will have the possibility to be further developed within the TUCAP programme.

Description of the challenges areas:

Description_ENG.pdf    Description_SVE.pdf




For more information, Contact:
Rosario Castro, Lindholmen Science Park rosario.castro@lindholmen.se